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Shark Starter 60mm Longboard Wheel 4 PACK BLUE


Shark Starter 60mm Longboard Wheel 4 PACK BLUE


Product Description
Slapping a pair of Shark wheels on your board-setup is a surefire way to get some attention. As a key feature, these wheels have go-anywhere capability, ensured by their slightly crazy shape and the unique "Formula A" rubber.
Blast over pebbles and cracks in the roads like it's nobodies business
The distinctive shape makes it easy to traverse both wet, sandy, or cracked road surfaces
The groves make the level of friction lower than other cruiser wheels, which gives you more speed
Wheel diameter: 60mm, 70mm
Wheel width: 55mm
Wheel hardness: 78A
Wheels per pack: 4
Bearings and spacers: Not included
Wheel material: PU casted, SHR
Hub width: 28mm
Wheel Contact Patch: 45mm

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